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Photo Physio

Physiotherapy has created a niche for itself as a leading health care system. It helps in restoring functional or near functional activities and preventing disability arising from disease, trauma or injury, it is based on a detailed understanding of how the body works – posture, balance & movement, knowledge of diseases, injury and the healing process.

The physiotherapy department of COSH is a well equipped and sophisticated centre dedicated to achieve the best patient response. The department comprises of a team of highly qualified and hard working physiotherapists in providing skill oriented therapies like manipulation, neural mobilization and orthotic prescription along with regular therapies. The team works in perfect co-ordination to deliver the best combination of exercise therapy and electrotherapy for a holistic rehabilitation programme.

Emphasis is laid on active participation of the patient in the treatment programme rather than relying only on the electrical or mechanical equipment. The main goal is reaching the crux of the patient’s problem along with symptomatic relief. To aid this process, the department has highly equipped exercise therapy unit ranging form therabands, weight cuffs, quadriceps table, physio ball to the most sophisticated mini trampoline etc.