Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes Treatment Clinic


COSH Hospital, the secured clinic for diabetes treatment in chennai which provides the best diabetology services. It is also an endocrinolagy centre with the required amenities.

Diabetology is the clinical science of diabetes mellitus its diagnosis,treatment and follow-up. It can be considered a specialized field of endocrinology

Apart from regulating medication (e.g. insulin) dosage and timing, a diabetologist will also concern himself with the pontential consequences of diabetes, e.g. retinopathy, nephropathyand peripheral neuropathy.

Consultation: Constitutes a detailed history and taking of physical exam, reviewing lab reports and x-rays, making a presumptive diagnosis, ordering necessary tests and reporting to the physicians.

Diagnostic Evalution: Performing necessary endocrine tests or doing provocative procedures to define under activity or over activity of an endocrine gland.

Follow-Up: Usually at one to three month intervals to assess the course of the disease, or response to treatment.

Nutritional Evaluation:A detailed dietary history is taken, then a diet is planned catered to the patient’s desirable weight and/or diabetes for cholesterol control.

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