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Chest Pain Surgery Clinic:


COSH Hospital – One of the best chest pain surgery hospital in chennai. We treat the all types of chest surgery done by our experienced doctors.


It is the specialty that deals with diseases of the lungs and the respirator tract. It is called chest medicine and respiratory medicine.

Chest medicine is not a specialty in itself but is an inclusive term which pertains to the treatment of diseases of the chest and contains the fields of pulmonology, thoracic surgery, and intensive care medicine. Pulmonology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, as well as secondary prevention.

Physical diagnostics are as important s in the other fields of medicine.

  • Inspection of the hands for signs of cyanosis or clubbing, chest wall, and respiratory rate. Palpation of the cervical lymph nodes, trachea and chest wall movement. Percussion of the lung fields.
  • Auscultation (with a stethoscope) of the lung fields

Other tools include

  • Laboratory investigation of blood (blood tests)
  • Spirometry
  • Chest X-rays, CT scanning, MRI scanning

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